a little bit about me

Hi! Thank you for visiting my little slice of the Internet where I house book reviews, author interviews, general thoughts about reading, and how I’m trying to navigate the publishing industry in Toronto, Canada.

A few quick things about me:

• I migrated from Sri Lanka to Canada with my parents and sister when I was 12, so a lot of my musings are stemmed from that move. Even with the books I read, I tend to gravitate towards books that talk about home, community, belonging, identity, and race.

• I love to cook and bake! Recently, I’ve also taken to foraging edible flowers to make different teas. Never pick from the side of the road or places that are likely to be sprayed with chemicals! Do your research!

• Cancer sun ☼ Virgo moon ☽ Aquarius ↑

• You can find a more detailed list here if you’d like to learn more about me!